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Codes of The Flux: Quarantine Conversations

By May 25, 2020 No Comments

By now you are totally up to the time with our Codes of The Flux project.  Flux Code

You already understand the concept of Code Switching and the fact that many people were doing it before the term existed.

You know that we wanted these conversations to be in person but our currently viral times had us sending digital smoke signals for all to see.

You have already heard that there will be music, comics, art and a physical debut of all this effort once public safety allows.

You have answered correctly.

Log in as we catch up with a group of creators from different parts of the globe to see and hear how they think and feel about code switching and it’s many appearances in their lives.  Singapore, Paris, NY,  and good old Birmingham UK.  What does it look like up close in the home?

The idea wasn’t to ask an ‘expert’ about any of this but to actually take on how this impacts real people in real life situations. The answers all these brilliant people give are different from one another but there is a theme running through. That theme may run similar to yours.  There are ties that bind and there are those that free.  You may already be coding your own Flux.


Charlotte and Courtney both work in media with Charlotte being a cartoonist, illustrator and film maker. Courtney works for high profile companies behind the screens and both give great insights of where and when to be in flux.


Carrie has worked in entertainment and music promotion but now moves in educational circles and is an avid traveller.  Could her home country, Singapore be a perfect way forward in cultural expression?


Mike Ladd is no stranger the world of The Flux, though how does an artist such as he still manage to expand after setting down roots in a new garden?


Sun. Rei greets us in the mask of a Japanese comic book character.  How much can the world of Cosplay have to show us in being our true selves?

While awaiting the next installments it would be amazing to hear what you have to say about these conversations and where they could go next.  Stay tuned.


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