AfroFlux is a place of change and rebirth. A place to come to terms with what has been in the diaspora and what can be.


Throughout our future endeavours we will be dealing with any and all manner of expression to fuel our forward journeys to better outcomes than what has been given to us.

We at AfroFlux are willing for others to join us on this movement to see how much further from the expected norms we can go.

Recent years have seen us put on films, showcases, workshops, seminars and performances to help explore the AfroFlux.

Stay in tune with us and lets see where we can take it from this moment in time.


B-Side Hip Hop Festival 2018 AfroFlux Itinerary

Full listings of all AfroFlux related events at this year’s B-Side Hip Hop Festival



June 6, 2019

AfroFlux B-Side 2019 wrap up

The feeling right now around the AfroFlux enviro-bubble is one of happiness and elation. From the Infinity Gauntlet talk, all the way to the afterparty and the Art Talks it's…
April 17, 2019

AfroFlux 2019

And we're back! As a part of B-Side Hip-Hop Festival alongside our director partners KRE8, Graffiti and Break Mission we're happy to finally announce this years guests. As well…
January 2, 2019

Thanx from AfroFlux for a great 2018

AfroFlux thought bubbles are still enjoying the celebrations of 2018 and making plans for 2019 plus. While doing this we thought to make public how much we have enjoyed our…


Afrofutures and Astro Black travel: A passport to melanated futures

AfroFutures has been put together as a short manual on Astro Black travel. Subverting the hard cold textures of urban decay and whitewashed history for a safer passage back to the stars. Afrofuturism is the vehicle and this is the passport.

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