FLUXCON | 8th June 2024

AFROFLUX is back at B-Side Hip Hop Festival this year with another FLUXCON on Saturday 8th June from 12noon Until 5.30pm At Birmingham Hippodrome.

Afroflux will be bringing street art, martial arts, life drawing, comics, zines, gaming,  holistics and more. There’s gonna be a few surprises this year, a couple changes, but most of all we’re gonna have an amazing time. From capoeira to sustainable futures and ways into the movies: Fluxcon is the place to be – All in the midst of a Hip Hop Festival.


Explore the work of makers from across Birmingham and around the UK as they present DIY creations, prints, zines, crafts, holistics, comics and more, for you to discover, buy and trade.

Live Performance

This FLUXCON is in collaboration with B-Side Hip Hop festival, so as well as spoken word from the UK’s best poetic voices, expect live graffiti, breakin and beats from live DJs.


Drop in to a workshop to get live drawing, moving, making, and creating connections. Expect an open space to learn new skills throughout the day, where you can spend as little or as long as you like, with sessions also being added and popping up on the day.


As always, you’re welcome to come as you are or in your latest cosplay!

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What’s On


with Denise Pantera

A gentle intro into the world of Capoeira with Denise Pantera, a dancer and Capoeirista with over 20 years of experience in this Afro-Brazilian art and culture.

Many people know of Capoeira as a very flashy and acrobatic martial art style that takes a lot of energy to study, but in this session Denise will be showing a more relaxed and easy going version of this fascinating artform. Please bring loose fitting clothes and a flexible mind.

Connect with Denise on Instagram @deniseamory.r

Gaming & Occulus VR

with King Otaku Gaming

The King Otaku Gaming family organises online gaming sessions and tournaments in venues around Birmingham. Drop by for classic fighting games such as Street Fighter and Tekken, or try Occulus VR gaming with other players, both seasoned and new. There will also be family friendly games to play.

Connect with King Otaku Gaming on Instagram @kingotakugaming


with Sun Rei

A special life-drawing session for people of all abilities. Practise the art of drawing with Sun Rei, a talented, enthusiastic bubble of Manga and K-Pop knowledge who, as well as being an engineer,  makes her own cosplay outfits. She will be doing short 2, 5 and 10 minute poses for us to practise our form and proportions. Drawing materials will be available but feel free to bring your own tools.

Over the years, Wavey Lines has been a space for Afroflux to connect and catch up with each other while practising our drawing skills in a non-pressured environment. It’s a fun, relaxing activity to do, whether you’re a seasoned visual artist or picking up a pencil for the first time in a while. Hope to see you there!

Connect with Sun Rei on Instagram @sun.rei77

Rizmi DJ SET

We couldn’t get enough of DJ Rizmi’s sonic Black and brown sounds at the last Fluxcon, so we’ve invited her back to bring high energy vibes to the space. Rizmi (Selextorhood, Sable and Narr Radio)  is interested in how the dimensions of music bring about collective movement – dissolving perceived boundaries between people and time – into the present and Oneness.

Connect with Rizmi on Instagram @rizmi_____

Soundcloud rizm-i

Where It’s Warm + SoulQu3st DJ Set

One half of this high vibes selector duo will be playing warm, soulful grooves for the Fluxcon community and B-Side at large.  Energy is the one thing to follow that lets you go Where It’s Warm

Connect with them on Instagram @whereitswarm_

Live Graffiti Wall Art


Pekoe is a Bristol-based illustrator and muralist with a passion for painting walls and found objects in a unique style influenced by Dominican heritage, social justice, classical paintings and graffiti.

Connect with Pekoe on Instagram @sneakpekoe


Designer and Entrepreneur, Lo has a bold, quirky animated style of artwork that can be seen in wall art, book illustrations, album covers, logo designs and portraiture.

Connect with Glowidlo on Instagram @glowidlo

Bunny Bread

Bunny is a multi-disciplinary artist returning to the Afroflux wall with his usual High Flare. You can find his community art based projects and murals across Birmingham and the UK.

Connect with Bunny on Instagram @icreatenotdestroy


The expo will be open to the public for the duration of the FLUXCON from 12noon until 5pm. We’ve listed the makers and creators who will be selling their work below. If you’d like to sell your work or goodies at this event we’d love to here from you, reach out via this form.

Get Involved

Waheeda Art

Waheeda is an incredibly talented multidisciplinary artist based in Birmingham, UK, whose work is inspired by her British-Bangladeshi heritage, cartoons and video games.

Connect with Waheeda on Instagram @waheeda_art

Website waheeda.co.uk

BlastFest UK

Anita Shervington will be hosting a BlastFest UK space, exploring science and technology through Black Arts and Culture.

Connect with Anita on Instagram @blastfestuk

Twitter @blastfestuk

Solar Punk Stories

Solar Punk Stories is a collective of creatives bringing thrilling tales from better futures to inspire radical change.

Connect with Solar Punk Stories on Instagram @solarpunkstories

And on their website solarpunkstories.com

Aliyah Art

Multidisciplinary Artist specialising in illustration, graphic design and creating work that embraces self love, diversity and mental health, influenced by cartoons, video games and anime.

Connect with Aliyah on Instagram @aliyahart

Marcus Unchained

London-based, Nigerian-born Comic Nerd and Writer for New Africa Comics, the home of great stories inspired by African mythology, culture and people.

Connect with Marcus on Instagram @marcusunchained


Ben is a graphic designer and illustrator who works a lot with gaming brands such as Bandai and Namco. He is also a member of The 21 Pirates, a yearly exhibition based on the themes of film, comics and video game crossover artwork.

Connect with Ben on Instagram @22spacehead

Sara Kenney

Researcher, Journalist, Writer, Producer and Creative Director of Film, TV, Comics and Wowbagger Productions, telling stories inspired by science and health.  Sara is a wealth of information in all of her fields and is responsible for several of the most unique comics of recent years including DIVOC 91 and Surgeon X.

Connect with Sara on her website wowbaggerproductions.co.uk

Twitter @saramkenney

Bee the Illustrator

Birmingham/London based Illustrator and Artist with a bold, energetic, vibrant style that embraces themes of psychedelics, life after death and beauty.

Connect with Bee on Instagram @beetheillustrator.917

Anime District

Anime District UK brings anime music events with the best openings, endings, OSTs and entertainment. We LOVE these guys!

Connect with Anime District UK on Instagram @animedistrict.uk


El therapy holds beautiful healing spaces and will be at Fluxcon with organic products for skin care, like soap, body scrub, bath salt, sea moss, incense, sage, frankincense and Palo Santo.

Connect with El Therapy on Instagram @el.therapy

Connect with El Therapy website


FLUXCON is a platform for self exploration, freedom and creative expression, and we warmly welcome applications to sell what you make or to lend a helping hand:

Get Involved

FLUXCON OCT 2022 Gallery


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