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What to say?

Another success! More smiling faces and a lot of healing in and amongst the fun.

Dr Martin Glynn led the charge of the Inner Space Program and from there on in it became a laying on of hands.

Co-pilots of the craft included Florence Okoye with her Neo-Mmanwu Mask Making workshop, Lexia Tomlinson’s kickstart of the Welcome Jam, ¬†Tela & Amani Eke with their Mindfulness and Kemetic Yoga workshop, Loma Pekoe’s Natural Hair workshop and her amazing Street Art piece as well as DJs Latifah Stone and Nucleo and not forgetting the ever eventful Fluxcon mini-comic-con.

Big thanks must also go to the AfroFlux traders Sqbzz Clothing and Awoken Clothing as well as members of the BCU Black Studies group, partakers in the Juice Aleem Lyric Writing workshop and Fluxcon contributors especially Ero Chan and Sun Rei for their spot-on cosplay.

An extra big thanks as well to all of the partners involved in B-SIDE Hip Hop Festival (Break Mission, Marso Riviere, Graffitiartist.com) Apples & Snakes and the Birmingham Hippodrome for being the house to the party.

This years theme will be continued in as many ways as we see possible. Art of every imagination can and will be not only viewed and consumed by us, it will be created and applied by us at every level of living.

Stay Tuned for our next adventures…


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