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Afroflux recently got a simply wonderful offer from art student Taiyewo Ajose. We’ll allow her words to explain further.

“This project was sparked from the initial outrage from the recent injustices towards the Black community. During this time, a realisation occurred; anger is rather contagious. Our anger is short-lived but it also has the fuel to ignite our light; creating longevity in our movement. I believe that each person has the power to create a change whether small or big in ways that we can within our knowledge and God-given gifts. In times of anger, we were still capable of sharing joy and happiness. I witnessed many artists coming together to support and uplift each other from offering free services, promotions and reading lists. As much as I appreciate the awareness, it is also important to acknowledge the weight of the images and information we receive. I found books to be a mental relief from the media, especially fiction books! So I created a care package including a fiction book, a crescent moon light sculpture and many more items! The ideology is that in times of darkness, we have the power to unpack the world’s weight and find our own special protective ways to seek solace.

All profits and donations will be donated to AfroFlux, an art organisation based in Birmingham UK. The funds will be used towards the Wavey Lines drawing sessions to fund models and art materials. The aim is make the workshops more accessible for those who need support financially; to provide better anatomy practice and most importantly, it will enhance creativity by providing a variety of materials to create with!

*updated statement in light of the Lekki massacre *
We are very privileged in the ways in which we can seek solace. The PACK LIGHT project is inspired by a Nigerian proverb yet still many of my brothers and sisters over in the Motherland are being crippled by the very system that is supposed to protect them. Even in actions such as peaceful protests where our anger is subdued, lives were still taken yesterday. To show my solidarity to my family overseas, some of the profits will be donated to a fund set up for youths in Nigeria – @unenlightenmentproject #ENDSARS
The package:
‘Black Moon’ Crescent light sculpture embellished with moonstone, clear quartz, jasper and black obsidian)
A fiction book (selected at random by length)
Journal featuring poems from @taiyewoajose @oyinda.y.o. @lorainnemango about the moon
Tealight candle
@artsadvocateuk ‘PAQLITE’ sticker
The packages
•Including a long-read book £13
•Including a short-read book £8
Care packs can be purchased via paypal (with additional p&p) or in person at the Anu Space Afroflux HQ in Central Birmingham.
Contact @taiyewoajose on insta or Afroflux here on this site for more info
Special thanks to Lawrence, Oyinda, Cinza Verde, Kayleen and Emma!”
Thank you Taiyewo!!!!

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