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Afrofuturism Zine produced by BCU students

By October 27, 2018 No Comments

A big thanks to all at Birmingham City University for making this happen. And to the Art, Design & Media students who took part on the 24th of October 2018, you are the Future!

The workshop was led by Juice Aleem, musician, writer, artist, performer and writer in conjunction with RIFFS Journal (http://riffsjournal.org/), and seeks to bring together students from across the faculty to explore notions of Afrofuturism, and create artefacts that reflect their understanding of and engagement with Afrofuturism. The student produced multi-disciplinary artefacts may take the form of, but are not limited to; writings, sketches, poetry, fashion, architectural designs, apparel, visual design, photography, film, music, dance, performance, in fact any creative forms that the workshop attendees consider representative of Afrofuturism. At the end of the workshop, the student work/creations will be published in an online special edition of Riffs journal, for wider dissemination.

Witness the artefact below


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