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Birmingham’s newest and brightest Street Festival really went off with a colourful bang.

Set in and around Digbeth at Birmingham’s Custard Factory and Zellig buildings, the day saw a meeting of arts and culture that’s not been seen in a while.

Seeing a hole in the city’s cultural line up a few of the elder heads such as Graffiti artists Wingy and Flake, Illustrators Craig Earp and Mose sided up with comic expert Olly MacNamee, B-Boy supremos Break Mission and AfroFlux to bring a new mix of flavours and sounds to the city.

Live music, Street dance competitions and live Graffiti mixed with zines, comic creators, screen printing and Street Art to create a social brew we’ve not seen or heard the last from.

Bis shout goes to all the 100 plus artists who took part and sponsors such as Cass Art, Kobra, ComicHaus and Posca for putting time and money where their hearts are and all the volunteers who gave of their time to make things happen.

Special mention goes to our AfroFlux collaborators: Lady Sanity, PWDR MNKY, Afrokiin Creations, Jessclamation Mark, T33K1D, Steg G & The Freestyle Master, Ginger Dan Illustrations, Listening Sessions, Percy Filth, Kosyne, Redbeard, Richard Rudge, Oldbort, Nadja Olana, Haq 123, Epod 3000, Marilia, Sqbzz Clothing, Kevin Lee, Imani, Eloheem, Wasif, Shekayla, Juma, Latifah, Rider Shafique, Saad and The Mockingbird Cinema.

A great day’s success on a few weeks building. See you at the next one.


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