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Afroflux B-SIDE 2018 Weekend Itinerary

May 9, 2018 @ 9:00 am - May 13, 2018 @ 9:30 pm

The mission this time, should you wish to take it on, is to travel further into the darkness of space, to take on the longest journey into the depths of Self.
On the way we will be engaging art in a fully immersive atmosphere. Sound, touch, taste and even the very air around us will be our fuel and life support system.
The self training will take the form of several workshops based in arts and crafts as well as discussions, poetry and performance. A lot of this will be hands on work. This will go from what has been to what CAN be.
Life throws up many obstacles and for those on the lower rungs of society’s ladder it can be that we are expected to never rise above the limitations placed upon us. Since inception, Hip Hop has allowed for that rise and has even helped spark and sustain multi-million pound companies that help others overcome hardships.

Black holes have enough gravity that nothing, not even light, can escape their pull. We at AfroFlux are providing a way through those black holes of life that can bring us down.
Where and when possible the traveler will be able to navigate black wholes and come out the other side relatively unscathed. To steer the craft (even in the digital age) our hands will need to get dirty. In the year 2000, Socialist Rap group, Dead Prez, declared “Let’s Get Free!”.
This year, AfroFlux, will not only be ‘putting on’ events but encouraging others to participate on their own journeys so that we can all move together to get to where ever we need to. Through a use of various arts and the movements within the true essence of Hip Hop, we can ALL get free.

An Evening with Martin Glynn

Wed 9th May, 6 – 8pm, Gowling Suite (free)

Dr Martin Glynn – Criminologist, author, educator and theatre director who has taken his previously little expressed love of art and craft to a new height with a modern twist on collage and the way it’s presented. He will present a talk and workshop based on his new life developments, health and wellbeing, as well as have his works exhibited throughout the festival.

B-SIDE Hip Hop festival: The Welcome Jam

Friday 11 May, 7 – 11pm, Patrick Studio

A collaborative evening kicking off the crescendo of the BSIDE festival with AfroFlux and Hit The Ode combining to present a poetry night themed on Afrofuturist concepts featuring Lexia Tomlinson, Afroqueen, Brother Portrait and Amy Leon
Also the turntables skills of DJ Nucleo to see us out into the night.

Florence Okoye: Neo Mmanwu, Mask Making workshop (free)

Sat 12 May, 11am – 2pm, PwC Suite

Florence Okoye – Historian, BOM fellow and TED talker, Florence will be presenting talks and workshops based on Afrofuturist ideas as well as on her research into masks in the diaspora. Inspired by the igbo masquerade tradition, the Mmanwu, Neo-Mmanwu is a project exploring how the masquerade continues to speak through and for the African diaspora. She will also once again be an invaluable addition to the Flux Con as it grows and goes from strength to strength

Workshop with Loma Pekoe

Sat 12 May, 2.15 – 3.45pm, PwC Suite (free)

Loma Pekoe – Graffiti and Street artist who takes her love of art to very special and personally flavoured character designs. As well as live painting, Loma will also deliver a workshop based on her journey within the expressions of natural Afro hair.
“I wanted to do a talk on the history of natural hair in art, loosely. Obviously my art features a lot of that so I think a brief look at how it’s been used in art over the years would be good. I want the talk to be about an hour, ending with a workshop in creating natural hair in art – I was thinking I would make “hairless” pieces of female women and then the workshop attendees would be able to use a variety of materials to create hair styles on these pieces to take home.”

Flux-Con: Comic Convention

Sat 12 May, 1 – 5pm Gowling Suite (free)

Presented by Afrofutures_UK and AfroFlux, this mini convention returns to celebrate all that’s good in comics, indie games, animation and speculative fiction.
Highlighting the work of creators focusing on the Black experience, the con will cover everything from Steamfunk and contemporary Blaxploitation to cosplay and LARP

Tela & Amani: Mindfulness and Yoga

Sat 12 May, 4.30 – 6pm, PwC Suite (free)

Tela & Amani Eke – Tela will be on hand speak and deliver a workshop on mindfulness, mental health and meditative practices. As a part of this workshop there will be a session on Smai Tawi which is also known as Egyptian (Kemetic) Yoga. This style of yoga has been found to be very beneficial for mental, physical and spiritual health so having a first hand account of it will be of great use for the casually interested as well as the stressed out.

The Break Mission After Party

Sat 12 May, Hawker Yard, 8pm – 2am (tickets £10 from mostly jazz.co.uk)

Juice Aleem and Latifah Stone performing together in support of Jeru the Damaja and a whole host of UK stars including DJ Pogo and freestyle legend Supernatural.

Live Drawing with Deka Hussein

Sun 13 May, 10am – 5pm, Main Foyer (free)

Deka Hussein – Young painter who has recently had her shown in several galleries and will be on hand to paint live with Loma. Art for Deka AKA Momo has been a fully transformative road from her upbringing in Somaliland to the paint filled spaces of inner-city Birmingham so grabbing a chat with her while she paints will be a learning experience.

Latifah Stone DJ set

Sun 13 May, 12 – 2pm (free)

Latifah Stone – Our regular AfroFlux DJ goes on and on to provide the best in cutting edge Black music worldwide. Playing a full set as well as interludes will have even those with two left feet moving in time.

Writing Lyrics with Juice Aleem

Sun 13 May, 12 – 1.30pm, Lloyds Suite (£5 book in advance)

This practical masterclass is aimed at experienced MCs, writers and poets who wish to develop their craft. Explore the art of improvised fresstyling and look into the hidden workings of your favourite Rap artists.


May 9, 2018 @ 9:00 am
May 13, 2018 @ 9:30 pm


Hawker Yard
62-70 Pershore St,
Birmingham, B5 4RU United Kingdom
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